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Memories are one of the most important things a human can have. To remember one's last birthday, hello or goodbye is worth a lot to most people.

Nine-year-old Sam was ordinary. She lived an ordinary life with ordinary expectations. At school she was an introvert; never really wanting friends or to be involved in social gatherings.

The most popular girl in school, Lindsey, decided to invite Sam to her slumber party in hopes that would help her become more social. At the party fun was had and games were played. Including the game of Bloody Mary.

This game takes on the look and feel of Corpse Party, a game I find most of my inspiration coming from. Over the next few months I will begin to release updated versions of the game that will include:

  • More Memories
  • More Story Elements
  • Bug/Glitch fixes
  • And More!

Any and all feedback will be utilized to make the game as good as it can be. When the game is completed it will have a run time of at least 1hr. I have many more ideas to make the game even longer, but I'm not sure as to if I should implement them.

Thank you again for checking out my game demo!


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Pretty fun stuff.


Might I ask why the low review? I would love to know what to improve so that it's more enjoyable to you.

Make A second!

This is a really cool and interesting RPG horror game. The graphics and style is well done, the music is great and fits the world well, and the story and writing are unique and cool. I love RPG maker games, especially horror ones, but this one definitely has a unique story too it. I've only played part of the demo so far but what I've played, I have thoroughly enjoyed. I can't wait to continue the story and see what happens to Sam as she tries to remember her past in order to save her future. All in all for a demo, this game is very good and I can't wait to play the rest of the demo and eventually the full release once its done. I did a video on the prologue for the game if anyone is interested.

TURN OUT ALL THE LIGHTS! | Slumber Party Demo [Part 1]