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Pretty fun stuff.


Might I ask why the low review? I would love to know what to improve so that it's more enjoyable to you.

Make A second!

This is a really cool and interesting RPG horror game. The graphics and style is well done, the music is great and fits the world well, and the story and writing are unique and cool. I love RPG maker games, especially horror ones, but this one definitely has a unique story too it. I've only played part of the demo so far but what I've played, I have thoroughly enjoyed. I can't wait to continue the story and see what happens to Sam as she tries to remember her past in order to save her future. All in all for a demo, this game is very good and I can't wait to play the rest of the demo and eventually the full release once its done. I did a video on the prologue for the game if anyone is interested.

TURN OUT ALL THE LIGHTS! | Slumber Party Demo [Part 1]